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    Atlantic Environmental Essences

    These Atlantic Environmental Essences are to help us clear blockages and bring in new fresh energy.

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    Supreme Presence Atlantic Essence

    Supreme Presence - Clear Vision - Atlantic Essence

    Authenticity, integrity, clarity of vision, speaking one’s truth. Holding the records of the ancestors. Looking straight ahead without being affected at a level that would stop one’s path. “We have to stay earthed and have a bigger vision”. Being anchored to the Earth and holding one’s vision. Protection, leadership. Made at Branscombe Beach, Devon, England.
    Essence Within Atlantic Essence

    The Essence Within - Stillness - Atlantic Essence

    To invite deep connection to the Source, where there is nothing to change, just be. In this place, we are in a state of grace, feeling the abundance and awesomeness of Life. Supportive at times of outer and inner darkness, when seeing no light at the end of the tunnel. This is the midnight sun in the middle of Summer in Scotland. Support in SAD. Made on the Isle of Mull, Scotland.
    Journey Within Atlantic Essence

    The Journey Within - Free Heart - Atlantic Essence

    Going through the upheavals of life and trusting they will pass. Being in the present moment, knowing that to each beginning, comes and end, and to each end, comes a new beginning. Journeying towards the manifestation of one’s dreams and having a “rendez-vous” with oneself. As within, so without. Made on the Isle of Mull, Scotland.
    The Leap Atlantic Essence

    The Leap - Trust - Atlantic Essence

    “It is time to take the leap, even and especially if it feels scary. You will fly and it will be liberating”. Rejoicing in life’s miracles, wonders and surprises. Trust in life’s forever changing inner and outer landscapes. At times of crossroads, when facing big decisions, finding one’s inner strength and courage. Made on the Isle of Mull, Scotland.
    Pilgrim Atlantic Essence

    The Pilgrim - Gratitude - Atlantic Essence

    “Things come to us when unexpected. Beautiful gifts come to us when we appreciate what we already have“. Commitment to one’s spiritual path with real engagement. Combined with the energy of a group of seals, this reminds us to incorporate joy in our engagement, connecting and bringing in the magic and fun of life. Made on Lindisfarne in the north of England
    Picture of Re-Emergence -  Atlantic Essence

    Re-Emergence - Atlantic Essence

    Coming out of intense and troubled times. On a collective and individual level. Shifting the heaviness, the depressive feeling with the light of hope again. A huge gift of sunshine, of sun warmth imprinted in every cell of the body, offering a new broad vision, an uninterrupted horizon, a feeling of a heavy weight being lifted, showing a world of new possibilities. The sun in the dark days: It feels so good to be alive!