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    Atlantic Animal Essences

    The Atlantic Animal Essences are amazing companions working with us in a gentle way.

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    Atlantic Puffins Atlantic Essence

    Atlantic Puffins - Joyful Action - Atlantic Essence

    Taking an active part in one’s life. Feeling home everywhere. Birthing ideas. Adapting to the ever changing currents of life. “Follow the wind, no matter what, even in the most adverse circumstances. Do it with joy”. Freedom within community. Made on the Isle of Skomer, Pembrokeshire coast.
    Baby Swallows Atlantic Essence

    Baby Swallows - Flying Away - Atlantic Essence

    For the times in life where we have to go through these key moments alone. Being empowered through leaving the nest behind and flying to one’s destiny, strong of what we have already experienced. Going back to a state of innocence, enchantment and curiosity. Taking our flights with absolute trust and no questioning. Made in Dorset, England.
    Dolphin Bay Atlantic Essence

    Dolphin Bay - Mother Love - Atlantic Essence

    Connecting to a mother and baby dolphins. Joy and nurture. Nature doing “her thing”, going with the flow, in real simplicity. Journeying without attachment to the destination, inviting calm waters, with real tranquillity. Expectancy without expectation. Made in Cardigan Bay, Wales.
    Dolphin Together Atlantic Essence

    Dolphin Together - Togetherness & Joy - Atlantic Essence

    “It is time to gather. Together, we are strong. We go in the same direction, know exactly our individual contribution to the whole and perform it with total consciousness, aliveness, lightness and sheer inner knowing and determination. We are all part of a collective consciousness”. Made in Brittany, France.
    Stallions Herd Atlantic Essence

    Stallions Herd - Compassion & Courage - Atlantic Essence

    Essence of eternal youth and wild spirit, galloping towards one’s destiny, enhancing one’s healing gifts especially in the “wounded healer”. In a state of acceptance and surrender where there is no separation in a world of endless possibilities with no veil between life and death. Made in Dorset, England.