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    Workshops & Seminars

    Ian White Australian Bush Flower Essences Steve Johnson Alaskan Essences Ann Callaghan Indigo Gem Essences Daniel Mapel Wild Earth Animal Essences

    We are pleased to be able to not only bring you the Essences, but the Essence makers themselves.
    Having organised and attended seminars and workshops by some of the best-known names of the Essence world, we're hooked. We love the level of development that people find for themselves at these events, really profound changes that they take with them out into their lives.

    Until 2019 we had organised events for Ian White (Australian Bush Flower Essences), Steve Johnson (Alaskan Essences), Daniel Mapel (Wild Earth Animal Essences) and Ann Callaghan(Indigo Essences) and others. We hope to bring you more in the future however, since the arrival of Covid 19 and subsequent issues around travel, these world class teachers have been running international seminars and workshops through Zoom and this trend seems likely to continue for the forseeable future.

    We are therefore pleased to be able to list their seminars, any of which you will be welcome to join from the comfort of your own home.

    Alaskan Essences all trainings and courses

    Australian Bush Essences - Upcomming workshops

    Wild Earth Animal Essences recorded Workshops

    Wild Earth Certified Practitioner Program

    Muriel Pichard - the Atlantic Essences