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    Practitioner Support


    If you are a Flower Essence practitioner, or a student on a recognised alternative therapy course which includes a Flower Essences component, you may be eligible for our student/practitioner discount. 

    You can use this form to apply as a student or this one if you are already using Essences with clients. We are often asked to recommend Essence practitioners around the country so, when you register with us as a practitioner you are agreeing that we can give out your contact details to potential clients. If you need to discuss anything first please phone.



    An easy and cost effective way to include Flower Essences in your natural health practice.

    Many natural health practitioners find that Essences complement the work that they do and support their clients between consultations. Our purpose is to facilitate practitioners in incorporating this natural healing modality into their practice as easily as possible, and our prescription service is used by Naturopaths, Osteopaths, Homeopaths, Herbalists, Kinesiologists, Chiropractors, Reflexologists, Reiki Practitioners, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists and other therapists.

    There are several ways to use the service depending on your, and your clients', needs.

    1. Prescribing 'stock' bottles - these are the concentrate Essences that you see throughout the site.

    This is cost effective if the client will be taking their Essence over an extended period of time, because they can make up their own 'dosage' strength bottles, each of which should last 3 - 4 weeks. At the normal dilution a 'stock' bottle can make between 40 and 100 'dosage' bottles depending on the range. They can also buy an empty dropper bottle at the same time here, if needed.

    It is OK for a patient to take an Essence directly from the 'stock' bottle if that is what you feel they need.

    If you have a practitioner web-account with us you can order the prescription online to be sent directly to your client. You will need to fill in 2 forms (if you haven't already done so) Your web-account here and your practitioner application here

    Alternatively, you can give your client the details of the Essence and range (some Essences are offered by more than one range), and they can order it for themselves. You can even print off prescription slips to give to your clients here.

    2. Prescribing 'dosage' bottles - these are diluted from the 'stock' bottles and are ready to take.

    If your patient needs a 'dosage' bottle of a single Essence, or several Essences combining together, we can make up a 'Personalised Combination'. Your patient can order it directly themselves or you can order it for them using your account. This is normally a much cheaper option than buying several 'stock' bottles.

    Order an Australian Bush Essence combination here

    Order a Mediterranean Essence combination here

    Order an Alaskan Essence combination here

    Order a Bach Flower Remedy combination here

    Order a Bailey Essence combination here

    Order a Wild Earth Animal Essence combination here


    If you need to combine Essences from different ranges, please phone us with your order.
    Tel: 01539 824776

    You can print out lists of Essences to use with Kinesiology and dowsing. Please click on the links below for printable .pdf documents.


    Alaskan Flower and Research Flower Essences

    Alaskan Gem and Research Gem Essences

    Alaskan Environmental and Research Environmental Essences, Combinations and Sacred Space Sprays

    Wild Earth Animal and Wild Child Essences

    Wild Earth Animal Combinations, Sharing Love and Healing Path Essences

    Astrological Essences

    Bach Flower Remedies

    Bailey Flower Essences

    Bailey Composite Essences

    Bush Flower Essences

    Bush Combinations, White Light and Light Frequency Essences

    LightBringer Essences and Combinations