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    Mediterranean Individual Stock Essences

    Mediterranean Stock Essences

    All of these individual Essences are available in 15ml stock bottles (ie concentrates)

    If you need a ready-to-take bottle, you can order them as personalised combinations here

    Suggested usage - 6 drops from stock bottle to make dosage bottle

    Suggested dosage - 6 drops from dosage bottle in a little water or under the tongue 2-3 times daily

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    Agave    Mediterranean Flower Essence

    Agave Mediterranean Essence

    Stand tall and shine your light, like a beacon. Reach for the forgiveness in your heart. 15ml stock bottle
    Autumn Crocus   Mediterranean Flower Essence

    Autumn Crocus Mediterranean Essence

    Encourages us to let go of the pain and to be willing to open our hearts and receive love again. 15ml stock bottle
    Autumn Squill   Mediterranean Flower Essence

    Autumn Squill Mediterranean Essence

    Connecting with your team upstairs for support. Realigning and reinventing yourself to fulfil your destiny. 15ml stock bottle
    Blue   Mediterranean Environmental Essence

    Blue Mediterranean Essence

    Allowing yourself to be effortlessly supported and carried in the slipstream of your life. 15ml stock bottle
    Picture of Blue Stonecrop Mediterranean Essence

    Blue Stonecrop Mediterranean Essence

    I am grounded and centred after trauma or upheaval

 15ml stock bottle
    Picture of Carob   Mediterranean Essence

    Carob Mediterranean Essence

    Harmony and reconciliation. Healing and honouring the sacred space between us. 15ml stock bottle