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    Personalised Combination FAQs

    What is a PCombi?
    A PCombi or personalised combination, is a dosage strength bottle of several flower, gem, environmental, animal or other essences selected specifically to support you with your current life issues. All of the chosen essences are made up together into one convenient, ready to take, dosage strength bottle.

    Which set of essences would be best for me?
    This is a tricky one. Each set has its own characteristics which often comes out in the language that is used in the descriptions. As you get to know the essences you'll get a feel for which ones seem right for you at this time. As a general rule of thumb, if you need to deal with immediate acute issues, brought about by stress and causing emotional upheaval of some sort, look at the AUSTRALIAN BUSH ESSENCES or the INDIGO ESSENCES for children. The BACH ESSENCES are useful to help dislodge deeper, and sometimes darker, personality traits while the ANIMAL ESSENCES are deeply grounding, working with archetypal, primitive energy and physical power. The BAILEY ESSENCES are most helpful if you are working on changing patterns of being, things that are blocking your further spiritual growth, for example a philosophy or belief which may have been imposed from childhood. The
    BAILEY ESSENCES may be more helpful for people who have already started doing some work on their personal and spiritual development. Finally the ALASKAN ESSENCES work with even more pure and refined energy working to bring in light to cleanse at the spiritual level. They tend to permeate over time and therefore can take a little while to work unless you've done lots of meditation or an equivalent spiritual discipline. Although there are no rules, children normally do best with the INDIGO ESSENCES while most people start with the AUSTRALIAN BUSH set and then introduce others as they find themselves working with deeper issues.

    How do I select the essences?
    There are several ways to choose which essences you want, different people find the way that works best for them. Here are a couple of suggestions.

    1. Look at the images of flowers and choose the ones that you are attracted to and repelled by. This process engages the intuitive rather than the thinking mind and so avoids any issues about 'getting it right'. The flowers that repel you are just as important as the ones you really like, in both cases choose the ones that you get a strong reaction to. You could also choose the names that you like and don't like.
    2. Read the descriptions of the essences to choose the ones that seem the most relevant to your current situation. If you are clear about the issues you want to address, this may be a good way for you.
    Some people choose 'blind', i.e. they write out the names of the essences on bits of paper and spread them upside down. They then tune in and 'feel' which ones are right for them now. If your intention is strong and you are open to guidance, then this may be a good way for you. It's amazing how often people get 'exactly the right ones' by doing it this way, but don't reject any just because they don't seem to 'fit', the essences can work together in ways that aren't clear from the individual descriptions.

    How many essences should I choose?
    Again, there are no hard and fast rules. Take your time to browse the set you've chosen and make a list of those flowers that you feel may be helpful to you. You can do this directly into the little PCombi window. There may be just one which is 'right' for you or you may find that there are many which seem relevant. In the latter case, I suggest that you divide the essences into issue groups, for example, self-esteem, relationships, lack of purpose etc and decide which issue feels most pressing currently. The most pressing issue is the one to address first. People often find that after addressing their primary issues, other ones have also been changed and become less significant. You might then decide to work with a new combination or a different set of essences as the picture will have changed. As a rule of thumb up to 5 essences is normally sufficient and if you've selected more than 7 or 8, try to group them but if there's 10 that you have to have now, that's fine as well.

    Reclaiming our health is a journey. By peeling away layers of held trauma, we can rediscover the clean bright diamond that has been progressively obscured by the troubles we've encountered on our journey through life.

    Do I want a stock bottle or a dosage bottle?
    There are two ways of buying flower essences from HEALTHLINES and you will need to chose which one is suitable for you.

    The STOCK bottle is a concentrate which is diluted to make up the 'ready to take' DOSAGE bottle.

    Normally, you might take an essence for 2-3 weeks and then reassess the situation to see if you still need to be taking that essence. If this is the case, the DOSAGE bottle will be the one you want. It will come in a 30ml dropper bottle and you should follow the instructions on the bottle.

    If you will be taking an essence over an extended period, it might be worthwhile getting a STOCK bottle. This comes in a smaller bottle (size depending on range) and you would dilute a given number of drops into a 30ml dropper bottle to make up the DOSAGE BOTTLE which you would then take. Also, if you are a practitioner making up dosage bottles for your clients, the STOCK bottle will be the one you want.

    Different ranges of Essences suggest different amounts of drops to be diluted and taken, for example, a dosage bottle made from the Australian Bush Essences would use 7 drops from the stock bottle and then be taken 7 drop twice daily, wheras the Alaskan range uses 2 drops from the stock bottle to make up the dosage bottle,and the dosage is normally 4 drops 4 times daily.

    What if I want essences from different ranges together?
    Please ring us and order by phone 01539 824776