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    Flower Essences

    Flower Essences, energy medicine for natural health

    Since long before conventional medicine was developed, flowers have given us cause for wonder and used flor natural healing. Steve Johnson, creator of the Alaskan Flower Essence Project, called them "..... the crowning achievement of the plant kingdom, divine expressions of creativity made manifest through heavenly scents and stunning displays of colour". This divine nature is also present on a subtle vibrational level, where each flower carries a unique life-affirming pattern of energy that we absorb when we're near them, and can contrubute to our health.

    Flower Essences

    Flower Essences are the result of transferring these positive patterns of energy into a liquid medium. This is accomplished by placing healthy flowers, at the peak of their perfection into a crystal bowl of pure water that is left to potentise in the sun. The resulting infusion is preserved (usually in alcohol or brine) and now carries the healing vibration from the flower. When we take a flower essence, just like when we hold a flower, that flower's particular vibration informs our own energy system. It's through this exchange of vibrational information that healing can occur. Individual flowers and their essences have characteristics which, when we match them to our own mental and emotional state, can have a profound healing effect.

    Gem, Environmental and Animal Essences

    More recently, Essence makers have been using the energy of gems and minerals, animals and healing environments to create Essences. Just as with flowers, these things have their unique energy patterns which can contribute to the healing of our own energy systems. Making any Essence is a co-creative process that comes out of tuning in to the higher realms and, in this partnership, channeling the energy of the flower or location, gem, animal etc, into the bowl of water. Energy follows intention so the energy is implanted into the water.

    Essences are unique in that they are a source of intelligent healing energy that is available to both educate and empower the person taking them. They may be readily introduced into any health care program, and do not interfere with nor are they adversely affected by other forms of treatment, such as homeopathic remedies or prescription drugs. They may be safely used by people of all ages, and can also be a gift of healing to members of the animal and plant kingdoms.

    Gardeners know from experience how healing it feels just being in a garden full of flowers, but we also give flowers to people recovering from illness. Have you ever wondered why we feel comforted by flowers when we're feeling down? Or how being close to a flower can have such a positive effect on your well-being.

    Flower Essence Healing

    The healing powers of flowers were known of millennia ago in Greece and Egypt. They were rediscovered in the first half of the last century by Dr Edward Bach whose 'Rescue Remedy' combination is probably the best known. While practicing as a medical doctor and then a homeopath, he identified that many of his patients had unresolved emotional disturbances. He surmised that these emotional problems were the cause of many of their ills and if he could help people heal at the emotional level, their physical ailments might also improve. Giving up a successful Harley Street practice to research the beneficial effects of flowers, he produced a range of 38 Flower Essences which, he felt, covered the entire range of human emotional ills. Since his successes in treating his patients with Flower Essences, they have undergone something of a renaissance and there are now dozens of different sets made with flowers from all over the world.

    While we engage in the ups and downs of today's world, we can sometimes find ourselves struggling. The stresses we carry can often be a contributing factor to physical symptoms as well as mental or emotional distress. People often find that, as Dr Bach identified, as they address their underlying emotional patterns, physical symptoms also clear up.

    Although we might recognize the patterns of response we have to difficult situations as unhelpful, and even understand their causes in our past, it's another thing entirely to resolve them and let go of those ingrained behaviours.

    What do Flower Essences do?

    Essences act as catalysts for change and transformation. They assist in clearing the blocks (the negative beliefs held in the subconscious mind) that stop an individual getting in touch with their true or higher self. This allows the positive virtues of the higher self - your intuitive part which knows your life purpose - to assert itself. When this happens the negative beliefs and thoughts are dissolved and balance is restored. A course of Essences is often all that's needed to help release the underlying negative energy patterns and move forwards with courage, confidence and renewed enthusiasm.

    Each set of essences has its own characteristics, and can help our healing at different levels. Some act subtly at deeper levels on chronic problems. You may need to be taking these over a longer period to benefit fully. Others have a more immediate effect and are good for acute issues. People often report feeling benefits after just a few days. Each set of Flower Essences has its own suggested dosage but your own experience and intuition should also inform you about this especially if you're combining essences from different sets.

    Flower Essence Combinations

    As well as the individual essences in each set, there are also special combinations that have been found to help in particular situations. You will find details of these combinations in the pages dedicated to each set.

    Time and time again, people are astonished with the amazing results they get using Essences. Children can be helped through all sorts of difficulties and problems, if they're unwilling to sleep on their own or if they won't join in with the rest of the family for example, there's usually an emotional issue that hasn't been addressed at the root of it. There are also Flower Essences for pets and all animals can benefit from the support of any suitable Flower Essence.

    Please take your time to explore this extensive area of the healthlines website using the navigation menu. You can order any of the combinations and individual essences online. If you would like us to make up a personalised combination of essences for you, please take your time to browse the website and choose your essences. We can make up a combinationof essences from one set or from several sets.

    PLEASE NOTE, most of the individual essences are available as STOCK bottles, some are also available as DOSAGE or 'ready to take' bottles you can choose which one is most suitable for your needs. There is no problem with taking an essence directly from a stock bottle, it is just slightly more expensive than a dosage bottle.

    For more information about STOCK and DOSAGE dilutions see the Frequently Asked Questions