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    Wild Child and Inner Child Healing Essences


    The Wild Earth Animal Essences

    Created For Children and the Child Within Us All

    Wild Child Essences have been created to nurture children and the child within us all. These essences address many of the most basic and fundamental needs of both children and adults: To feel safe, to know that we belong, to connect and bond with others, and to know who we are and what we need.

    These essences are especially beneficial for children who have not had some of their most fundamental needs met, and they are equally beneficial for adults whose deepest inner needs were not met when they were children and who need to address those unmet needs now.

    In addition, where there are no deficits, these essences have supportive gifts that can enhance and deepen positive feelings including belonging, safety, innocence, self-awareness and confidence.

    These wonderful Essences are available in either 'stock' concentrate or ready to take bottles. You would normally buy the stock concentrate if you are a practitioner and want to make up bottles for different clients, or if this is an issue you will be working with over an extended period of time. If not, we recommend the ready to take bottle for convenience.

    Now you can watch Daniel talk about these Essences on Youtube. These videos are from the weekend seminar he did at Healthlines on September 19th and 20th 2009.


    There is now a second set of Wild Child Essences called Inner Child Healing. You will find them here