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    Flower Essences can help with space clearing, anxiety, fears, confidence, grief, anger, our pets and so much more

    At Healthlines we specialise in Flower Essences and Flower Remedies
    We import, distribute and retail, make, prescribe and teach Essences.
    We know about Essences and Essences are our passion


    Healthlines - the Flower Essence People


    Flower Essences, or Flower Remedies, were first developed by Dr Edward Bach in the 1920's and 30's. His Bach Flower Remedies are still the most popular and widely used Essence range in the world today. By far the most popular is his Five Flower Remedy. Although Dr Bach originally called Rock Rose the rescue remedy, he subsequently added four further remedies to complete the five Bach flower rescue remedy combination we know today. Cherry Plum to becalm, Clematis to revive,Impatiens to relax, Rock Rose to give strength and courage, and Star of Bethlehem to rebalance.

    Since then many other ranges of Flower Essences and Remedies have been developed that we source from all over the world. Each has it's own unique place in our healing and will resonate with different people.

    Flower Essences are for pets and animals as well as people and many issues, such as anxiety, fear, overwhelm, toxicity, childhood traumas and shock can be treated successfully.

    We offer

    • Over 700 different Essence products from stock
    • Books, videos, cards and posters
    • Level of service and support that will amaze you
    • Detailed information on each Essence
    • Beautiful images of the essence source
    • Essence finder - repertory of keywords
    • Prescription service and practitioner discounts
    • Secure online shopping or telephone ordering
    • Practitioner support
    • You will find videos of many of the Essence producers presenting their Essences on our YouTube Channel - healthlinescouk