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    Muriel Pichard - Creator of the Atlantic Essences

    I have been preparing essences with Nature for the last 18 years, and yet it never felt the right time to bring these essences out into the world.

    However, last year, something changed and I was led by the essences into a process which meant that some essences were let go off, others remained and a few ones came as new additions. This brought the range to its current form with a total of 15 essences, divided in equal parts of 3 types:
    Flower/Tree Essences, Animal Essences and Environmental Essences

    The range will no doubt grow but I was very interested to see that it ended being the way that it currently is, with no intent on my part. This to me shows me one of the central themes recurring throughout the essences: when the timing is right, it all flows.


    My background is in therapy work, being a qualified homeopath, flower essences practitioner and aromatherapist. I have been practicing for 18 years and although my initial qualification was in homeopathy, I quickly focused on helping people with the support of all kinds of essences and ranges, since I was blessed to have wonderful teachers – Steve Johnson – the Alaskan Essences, Ian White – the Australian Bush Essences – Daniel Mapel – The Wild Earth Animal Essences , Arthur Bailey – The Bailey Essences.

    Each range and teacher taught me something new and something different, and I also felt very early on that one day, I would develop my own range of essences, which has now manifested through the Atlantic Essences named after my love of the Atlantic ocean. I am of French origin but did live for over 25 years in the UK, which means that most of the essences come from there.

    Now that I have been back in France for a year, I offer consultations, training, workshops and retreats of which you can find more information on my new website: