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    Atlantic Essences

    Manufacturer of the Atlantic Essences

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    Foxglove Atlantic Essence

    Foxglove - Fertile Creation

    Feeling well in one’s body. Feeling strong and standing tall. The Love vibration, well grounded and with vibrant sexual energy expressed with love. Creative expression and fertility at all levels. Made in Dorset, England.
    Cowslip Atlantic Essence

    Cowslip - Innocence

    Childlike innocence. Finding again a sense of enchantment. Saying yes to Life no matter what. Was prepared during the presence and song of a cuckoo which added to the sense of pure joy and interconnectedness. A very simple message: “You are loved” Made in Dorset, England.
    Impatiens Atlantic Essence

    Impatiens - Divine Timing

    “Everything comes in its own time”. One’s own sense of time. Birth of projects through communication, facilitating the expression of words coming from deep within. Feeling fertile, receptive and creative. Throat and sacral chakras. Made in Dorset, England.
    Yew Atlantic Flower Essence

    Yew - Inner Light

    How to be protected and held at times of bringing the new in one’s life so that it can unfold in a beautiful and sacred way. Nurturing the dreams and the space in which the dreams will flourish, being held in abundance and light. Very feminine energy. Feeling loved, feeling seen. Knowing when to be seen and when not to be.
    Made at Fifehead Magalen, Dorset, England.
    Picture of Atlantic Essences set

    Atlantic Essences set

    Full set of The Atlantic Essences SORRY - TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK.
    Atlantic Puffins Atlantic Essence

    Atlantic Puffins - Joyful Action

    Taking an active part in one’s life. Feeling home everywhere. Birthing ideas. Adapting to the ever changing currents of life. “Follow the wind, no matter what, even in the most adverse circumstances. Do it with joy”. Freedom within community. Made on the Isle of Skomer, Pembrokeshire coast.