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    The Atlantic Essences Training

    Journeying with the Atlantic Essences

    An online course, starting Thursday 12 th May 2022, 
With Muriel Pichard and Kate Seren

    This course addressed to anyone with an interest in well being, and practitioners, will cover the whole range of the Atlantic Essences;  once it is completed, you will know all you need to know about the Essences to use them either for personal use or in your practice.

    It is a real joy for Muriel, who produces and looks after the Essences, to have Kate accompanying her on this journey. Kate is an experienced Flower Essences Practitioner and has a real affinity with the Atlantic Essences, and for her, "The Atlantic Essences range are all about expansion and change. They are Essences for these challenging times we live in, where life requires us to make a change in our consciousness. Each of the Atlantic Essences, in its own way connects us more to the collective, to wholeness and to ourselves, bringing us towards a higher vision of what we, and the world, can be".

    The intention during this journey we will take together, is for the learning to happen as much as possible through experiencing the essences, and to establish connections, within ourselves, and with Mother Nature, As much as it will be about learning about the essences, it will also be about having a personal and group journey.

    The course will be divided in three sessions, with a 4th session as an option, covering the following topics:
    1st session : General introduction to the range; the Flower/Tree Essences
    2nd session : The Animal Essences
    3rd session : The Environmental Essences; Closure
    4th optional session : Looking at specific topics and the essences related to them

    Dates: The course will take place on zoom on Thursdays between 7 and 9 pm GMT time,  on the following dates:
    12th/19th/26th May plus 4th optional session on 9th June
    It is recommended to attend live, but if not possible to be present for all sessions, replays will be available.

    The 3 sessions: one single payment of £150
    The 4 sessions: £185 (can be paid in two payments: £80 on enrolment, £85 one week before start of the course)
    The optional 4th session can be purchased separately, (after completing the 3 initial sessions) for £50.
    Thank you for making your payment via Paypal at :
    You can find out more information on the Atlantic Essences, Muriel and Kate on the following websites :

    You can also contact Muriel directly on 07545380915 or by email at:

    NB : If you would like to purchase the whole set during the course, you will receive a 10% discount, bringing the price of the set (16 essences) to £157.68




    A one year pilgrimage through the planets,

    with Flower Essences


    An online course, starting Thursday 5th May 2022
    With Muriel Pichard and Linda Day


    During the course of this journey with Astrology and Flower Essences, Linda and I will combine the wisdom of our passions, in looking every month, at the influence of the Heavenly bodies – the planets – and see which Essences from various ranges, can support us during these specific times.

    The Heavenly bodies we will connect with are the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron.

    Once a month, Linda will be looking to the planets to see what they are saying through the combinations they are making with each other. And I will share which Essences (Flower, Gem, Animal, Environmental) reflect those aspects raised by the planets configurations, and how they can be of support during these monthly journeys. The Essences we will connect with are:

    The Alaskan Essences, the Wild Earth Animal Essences, the Lightbringer Essences and              
    the Atlantic Essences.

    I am so happy to be working with Linda on this journey; she has such a long term and deep knowledge of her craft – which she loves to make accessible to all – sharing her strong intuition, and a deep love for the gifts of Mother Earth.

    And…… we both love pilgrimages 🙏🙏

    To know about Linda’s work, please go to:


    The course will take place over 12 online monthly sessions, on Zoom, and can be booked as a one year journey, i.e. for the 12 sessions or on an individual monthly basis.
    If possible at all, we do recommend doing the whole journey, and although sessions will be accessible on replay, we also strongly suggest attending live, as we will be refering to the present moment.


    Dates: on Thursdays, between 7 pm and 9 pm GMT

    In 2022: 5th May, 5th June, 7th July, 4th August, 1st September, 6th October, 3rd November, 1st December

    In 2023: 5th January, 2nd February, 2nd March and 6th April



    Per session: £20

    For the 12 sessions (one year pilgrimage): £180 (bringing each session’s price down to £15 each). Payment can be made in two instalments: £90 at enrolment, £90 one week before start of the course)


    To book

    Thank you for making your payment via Paypal at: and for sending me a confirmation email of your registration at the same address.                                       
    I will then send you the practical information you may require..

    You are welcome to contact me on 07545380915 or by email at: if you have any questions.