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    Flower and Vibrational Essence Study Group

    This is a new online/zoom study group for students and practitioners of any energy healing modalities who are excited about furthering their knowledge and understanding of this divine healing gift from nature.
    We will meet on the last Wednesday evening each month 7-9pm, for a year, with the possibility of continuing if we want to.
The group will consist of between 10 and 15 people, so we can journey together into a deeper exploration of the world of essences.
Each month I will offer a presentation, which might be either looking at a specific range : Alaskan, Bush, Bailey, Mediterranean, Wild Earth Animal; 
or delving into a theme, eg : Essences for Women, Children, the Chakras, Change and Transition, Releasing Shock and Trauma, Grounding, Self Development etc.
    We will also allocate time each session for your questions, case supervision and discussion.

    I’ll be open to your suggestions as to areas you would like us to look at.

    There is also the possibility of inviting other essence producers to join us as special guest speakers.
    I will ask participants to commit to all monthly sessions for a year - payment in advance or by monthly standing order.
    The cost is £20 a session - sign up for 12 months. Various payment options are available.
    We will be starting on Wednesday 29th June 7-9pm, and monthly thereafter.

    In addition I am offering an initial free Introductory Session to our work together, so you can get a feel for it and see if it would suit you.
    This initial Introductory Webinar will be a review of the basics and provide a foundation, a springboard from which we can dive deeper into our exploration of essences.
    The date for this Introduction to Flower and Vibrational Essences is Wednesday 25th May, 7-9 pm.
    Once you have registered your interest we can decide together whether you need to attend this initial session, or simply sign up for the year of monthly meetings.

    My intention is that you will feel excited, inspired and confident to use essences in your lives and in your practice.

    To register your interest or ask any questions, please follow this link…..

    Angie Jackson
    I have been a homeopath and flower essence practitioner and teacher for 3 decades now.
    I am also an essence producer - I have been co-creating the Mediterranean Essences for some 20 years. 

    I have studied with many of the various essence producers and teachers from around the world, learnt so much from them and been totally inspired by their work, their philosophy, their dedication to the world of vibrational essences.
 My love for this healing modality has only deepened and I have so loved being able to share my passion and knowledge with others over the years.

    I have always thought it would be good to do an online study group, like a tutorial, so that we could meet with each other from far flung places.
    Do join me on this journey of discovery, deepening and sharing together. Now is the time!


    Angie Jackson